April 21st – Free…I make myself a slave…to win some

Recently I read a remarkable story of a modern woman who lived in a village. She had drifted far from Christ, came back to him [...] Continue reading or listen to the audio

April 20th – “We Lepers”

At the age of 24, Father Damien, a Belgian priest went to work as a missionary at Malokai,a leper settlement in Hawaii.When he began he [...] Continue reading or listen to the audio

April 19th – “I’ll Never Forgive”

In William James book “Varieties of Religious Experience” he tells about a collier called Richard Weaver, whose early days were filled by getting drunk and [...] Continue reading or listen to the audio

April 18th – For Me: Living is Christ!

Have you ever wondered, as I have, about Paul’s sudden conversion to Christ on the main road to Damascus? Well there are two snippets of [...] Continue reading or listen to the audio

Thought 4 The Day

Character is best revealed by a person’s dislikes and how he treats another who can be of no possible use to him. (Anon)

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