A Holy What?

There was a girl on the radio the other day who described a famous ‘Pop Star’ as a ‘Holy Joe’. The same day a woman in a shop described her son as a ‘holy terror’. It made me realise how much we use and misuse the word holy every day.
There is a church on the corner called ‘Holy Trinity’ and on its notice board it says they have something called ‘Holy Communion’, and I bet somewhere in your house you’ve got a book labelled ‘Holy Bible’.
Now in the Old Testament the word originally meant, separated, different, and to some folk it carried with it the notion of a cross between a kind of an electric shock and something like a virus from outer space.
It was the great prophets of the 8th century before Jesus who gave a new dimension to the word ‘holy’. Isaiah’s favourite name for God was ‘The Holy one of Israel’. This new dimension meant that the word holy now contained a shining kind of goodness, it had a moral beauty about it, and it was exactly the quality that amazed people who recognised it in the personality of Jesus of Nazareth; They said such things about Him as ‘The Holy one of God’.
So you see, ‘holy’ is one of those seed words which grew into a tremendous flower and ‘holy’ means that quality which we recognise as really good. Not separated from the world by a high monastic wall, but different because it had a real purity about it.
Now in the Bible in the first letter of Peter, Chapter 1 v 13, it tells you about being holy; read it today.

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Thought 4 The Day

Our salvation depends not on our love for God but His love for us, not our commitment to him but his pledge to us,
not our hold on him but his grasp of us. (Anon)

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